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The Lord has been gracious over the years to allow us to help start many stations as well as other technological projects. We get calls to consult and advise churches and stations on further maintenance and projects. During the last year we have been helping with streaming and tech based presence on line for churches. As churches have been limited during the last year there has been opportunities to help expand their digital presence and ways to reach people where they are. We continue to hear from radio as well as overseas television that we helped to start or produce of how people are being saved and trained in the Word of God.


Thank you so much to each of you for being our friends and praying for us! Your prayers and love have lifted us and helped us to carry on. We are currently working on several projects and continuing to share our knowledge with those who are using technology to reach the world with the Gospel. More opportunities have become available to us due to the pandemic. This has also opened more doors to share the love of Jesus. There are many people who do not understand why God would allow this to happen. Read More....

Mission Success

In the Mission Statement of Karatek International it says that one of our goals is to make a project self sustaining. That is often a longer drawn out process than the beginning and execution of the project itself. This means that not only does the project need to sustain itself financially but also physically through workers and technology. Amazing things can be accomplished with technology. But if the people that operate it day to day are untrained and don't continue to learn new aspects of the equipment, then likely the project will suffer and possibly stop altogether. Read More....

Our Staff

Paul Williams, our President, has been in ministry for over 20 years. He has been involved in multiple station installations. He brings the experience of overseeing foreign travel projects, software engineering, installation, graphic design as well as his years of ministry experience as a missionary and on pastoral staff. With all that the Lord has taught him over the years he brings many years of experience in multiple fields to our team.

Jeanne Williams is employed as KTI's Office Manager. She has 21 years experience in bookkeeping, office duties, and has a first-hand understanding of international travel. Jeanne does all of the accounting and office reconciliation for projects, billing and donations tracking as well as serving on the board as Secretary and Treasurer.

Pastor Ben Graham serves as the Vice President of KaraTek International. Pastor Graham, pastor of Music City Baptist Church in Nashville TN, has been an outstanding supporter and proponent of Christian radio and KaraTek International. Pastor Graham came in contact with Karatek International while attending a conference in Alaska. Since that time he has been a consistent supporter, promoter and friend of this ministry. We count it a great privilege to have him serve with us.

Pastor John Paisley serves on KTI's Board of Directors. He has degrees in theology and divinity and has over 40 years of pastoral experience as well as managing a non-commercial radio station.


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If the Lord lays on your heart to donate to the ongoing ministries of KaraTek International, all transactions are secure, and tax deductible in the USA.