Mission Success

In the Mission Statement of Karatek International it says that one of our goals is to make a project self sustaining. That is often a longer drawn out process than the beginning and execution of the project itself. This means that not only does the project need to sustain itself financially but also physically through workers and technology. Amazing things can be accomplished with technology. But if the people that operate it day to day are untrained and don't continue to learn new aspects of the equipment, then likely the project will suffer and possibly stop altogether. Read More....


We have a new board member. Please take a moment to click on the graphic above and meet our staff. These are people who work hard to spread the Gospel via radio, technology and in their own personal lives.


Throughout the last year the Lord has graciously opened doors of opportunities for radio throughout the U.S. The station in ELKO NV is now on the air and broadcasting over an even greater distance than we thought possible. They are capable of doing remote broadcasts from around the area.
Stations in Illinois, Connecticut, Kentucky, Texas and Nebraska are still in the works. The station that was upgraded in Alaska is reaching out to the surrounding villages with the Gospel. As 2014 comes to a close we are thankful for each opportunity God has given us and for those who have so graciously supported the Lord's work!


KaraTek International supports local churches, missionaries, and missions organizations in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through communications technologies. This includes broadcast and streaming radio, sound reinforcement, video, and other Internet and network-based technologies.
Our mission is to provide technical and logistical assistance, construction of facilities, and to facilitate training of operators and technicians with the goal of each project to be self-sustaining.


Studies done by the United Nations have found that in third-world countries radio is the major means of getting information into the hands of the people. The governments of these nations simply do not have the funds available to make the switch over to the world-wide web. Because radio knows no geopolitical boundaries it can be the voice of a missionary taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not only into the homes and businesses of church members in major cities but also into jungles and across restricted borders where the missionary cannot go. KaraTek International is able to install low-powered FM stations starting at $10,000 making them more affordable for missionaries and churches. Licenses are readily available and they can reach a city or small regional area. Our burden is to get the tool of radio throughout the world that the Gospel may be heard.


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If the Lord lays on your heart to donate to the ongoing ministries of KaraTek International, all transactions are secure, and tax deductible in the USA.