Using a crane to set the 100 foot tower in Damron, MD


I don't suppose that most of us thought that we would see the year 2015. Many years ago it was thought that we could never survive through 1980. This should remind us that no matter how badly we think things are, God has a different timeline than we do. Yes, Jesus could come again at anytime but we are to occupy until He comes. That means continuing as if it were years away but working hard as if it would be tomorrow. Thank you for your faithfulness to our dear Savior during this last year. Our prayer for you is that in this year you may grow closer to our Lord and into a more intimate relationship with our loving Father.

May your 2015 be blessed as you grow in grace and favor with our Father and with men for His glory!


We have a new board member. Please take a moment to click on the graphic above and meet our staff. These are people who work hard to spread the Gospel via radio, technology and in their own personal lives.


Throughout the last year the Lord has graciously opened doors of opportunities for radio throughout the U.S. The station in ELKO NV is now on the air and broadcasting over an even greater distance than we thought possible. They are capable of doing remote broadcasts from around the area.
Stations in Illinois, Connecticut, Kentucky, Texas and Nebraska are still in the works. The station that was upgraded in Alaska is reaching out to the surrounding villages with the Gospel. As 2014 comes to a close we are thankful for each opportunity God has given us and for those who have so graciously supported the Lord's work!


This year has been exciting as the Lord has given us the oportunity to produce a television program that airs every Friday in India. The broadcast is sponsored by Tom WIlliams Ministries and Vision 2020 Asia.

The broadast, which features Dr Williams, Dr James Starr and Bro James from India, broadcasts over the 10/40 window area which covers more than 56 countries. Each Friday night over 5 million people hear the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have an opportunity to enroll in the Truth and Freedom Bible College. It is possible to view on the internet each Friday morning at 8:30 am on PowerVision TV. The program is entitled, "Truth and Freedom"


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If the Lord lays on your heart to donate to the ongoing ministries of KaraTek International, all transactions are secure, and tax deductible in the USA.

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